Are You a Trader Who's Looking for a Way to Supplement or Replace Your Current Income, But Aren't Sure How? We Can Help!
The Challenges Traders Face, And How We Help You Avoid Them!
The biggest challenge that most traders face is a lack of clear direction in their trading. There are literally thousands of  trading strategies out there to choose from, but very few have been proven, with an actual track record, to show consistent long term profitability and success.

This overload of information more often then not leads new traders to bounce from strategy to strategy hoping to find some form of success. Anytime they suffer a loss, they move right on to the next strategy. Sound familiar? 

The truth is, no matter what strategy an untrained trader uses, they will lose. Until they actually put in the time to master some of the most key trading principles, traders will always have cracks in their foundation that will get exposed time and time again, and bring their trading accounts tumbling down! 
We Teach Proven Principles and Profitable Strategies!
Here at The School of Trading, our main focus is to help you cut through the noise of trading, and focus in on what actually works. Not just what works here and there, but what has been proven to work over the long haul!

Our Program is built to teach you all of the key trading principles you need to know and understand in order to go out and trade successfully! Here's where you will be, vs where most average traders will be, in 1-3 months after joining our program! 
Traders Who Complete Our Program
  • ​You'll have been taught our structured trading system that removes all of the guess work in your trading
  • ​You'll know and understand, in depth, support and resistance, trend lines, channels, various candlestick patterns, and more!
  •  You'll know how to implement successfully various technical indicators to secure entries and exits in your trades!
  • ​You'll know how to trade gaps, breakout trades, and reversal trades for profit! We give you an exact trading strategy to use!
  • ​You'll have the necessary framework and foundation to build your trading career on! 
  • They have little to no structure to their trades, and tend to bounce from strategy to strategy following each loss. 
  • They have little to no understanding of how to label support and resistance, draw trends and channels, or how to use candlesticks in their trading
  • ​They do not understand and generally do not utilize key technical indicators like the MACD, RSI, etc. successfully
  • ​They don't have clear trading plans and strategies, but rely more on hope, or what they read on a message board like IHub
  • ​They have no framework or foundation to what they do, and as a result their account suffers
Our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Complete Trading Program!
Having had the privileged of being able to work with hundreds of traders over the years, we've been able to develop a trading program built to help traders become profitable! 

In this program we provide you with over 34 in-depth educational videos that you can complete at your own pace. Each video discusses a new key trading principle and/or key element to our strategy. These videos show it all! 

This program not only gives you all of the tools, but we are there every step of the way! We provide you with "homework" assignments to complete and send in for review and feedback, that way you can know you are progressing properly. We are also available to answer any and all questions you have along the way! 
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Here's What You Get With Our Learn to Trade Like a Pro Complete Trading Program:
  •  Lifetime Access to Our Level 1 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Educational Course: In our trading course we'll teach you all of the basics needed to lay a solid foundation and slowly grow your trading expertise. Our course consists of 14 videos that are easily accessible and perfect for beginner/intermediate traders! With our course you will learn and grasp the psychology of trading, how to read charts, different strategies to produce consistent profits, how to spot powerful breakout plays and much more!
  •  Lifetime Access to Our Level 2 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Educational Course: In our level 2 course we build off of the foundation we established in our Level 1 course and takes things to the next level.  Whereas the Level 1 Learn to Trade Like a Pro Course lays the foundation you’ll need to find success in trading and teaches key trading principles, this course builds upon that and teaches you a clear and concise strategy to use day in and day out! Consisting of 20 video, this course is built to help you find consistent profit in the market!  
  • Lifetime 1 on 1 Help and Training: Any questions you have, we'll answer. If our email answer isn't good enough, we'll make a personal video for you addressing the topic if needed. No question is too stupid. Ask any and all questions you have! With this program you'll have the option to interact with us as we help you progress through each video and master the concepts being taught! We provide the option to complete homework assignments that you can send in for review and feedback so you can know if you are progressing properly. This course will have you ready to tackle the stock market head on!
Here's What Current Students Are Saying About Our Program
" and the service they offer is incredible! Their trading course is as in-depth as one could hope and will prepare you to go out and trade. Their daily watch-list is a nice addition and provides you with tons of potential trades. Tanner is always quick to reply to emails and takes the time to work with you 1 on 1 if needed. Seriously, for what this costs, it is the best value out there. I once purchased a "trading course" from another well known trader for $499.99 teaching me his "strategy." It was a joke and a waste...This blows the other one out of the water! Sign up, you won't regret it!" -Ethan
"I started trading with a very small account (1k) and needed some guidance in building my account. Tanner and the service he offers are just what I needed. They teach you how to be disciplined, focused, and how to apply simply trading techniques to find success. Can't say enough good things about this service! It's been about 2 months and my account is up over 4.4k. Not huge, but considering I started with 1k and most big time traders on wall-street see 15% increase a year, I'll take it!" -Cameron
"Discovered Tanner's service accidentally on You Tube searching for new trading strategies. Have been trading for several years, reading countless books on strategy and technical analysis, but never really developed a trading plan.  Tanner's service walks you through step by step and shows you his thought process to build the confidence. Now I understand all the things I have been doing wrong. Wish I found his service earlier that could have saved me from all the mistakes I have been doing and losing $$. -Bobby
Proven Strategies
At The School of Trading we've worked to identify chart patterns that tend to reoccur over and over and over again. The old saying that history repeats itself couldn't be more true when it comes to trading. Our strategies are simple, yet effective! We preach to keep it simple when it comes to the market. 
Tested Principles
Through trial and error, gain and loss, we've built a time-tested set of rules and principles to follow when trading. Our principles will help you become more robotic when trading, which will in return help you to remove emotions from the equation. Our system allows you to remove the guess work when trading, and be able to know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it with each trade. 
The Journey
One of the biggest mistakes new traders make is they try to jump right into trading without any form of training. That would be like a pilot trying to fly a plane on day one of flight school. He would crash and burn, just like the accounts of most new traders! With our program we provide you with the necessary training you'll need to go out and find success in the market! 
The Process
Our Program is specifically designed to walk traders of all experience levels through some of the most vital concepts they will need to know to find success. Everything is laid out in video format, and each video builds off of the previous! This allows you to build your trading foundation brick by brick, ensuring there are no cracks along the way! With this program we are with you every step of the way! 
The Benefits
After completing our program you will be fully prepared to go out and take the stock market head on! Best of all, we'll always be there to answer any questions you may have at any point! You being able to go out and trade profitably on your own is our ultimate goal! 
Join Our Team Today and Start Profiting! 
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